How kids develop people skills

One of the most important things that you learn as an entrepreneur are people skills. Entrepreneurship is about solving customers' problems, which forces you to constantly practice three things:

  1. Empathy, needed to understand your customer.

  2. Emotional maturity, so that you don’t blame your customer for your mistakes (and there are always mistakes).

  3. Communication, both the act of listening to your customer, and getting your point across in your marketing.

When kids play at being entrepreneurs they also develop people skills. Think of all the interactions you had as a child when you ran a lemonade stand: how you collaborated with friends, talked with customers, and negotiated with your parents.

We also see it every time we invite members of our Board of Kid Advisors to play with new Venture Kits: we watch them collaborate, make decisions together, strive to understand each other. The best part is, we can tell they are also having fun.

Today more than ever, let’s encourage kids to engage in play that develops people skills. In this digital age, it is hard to get our kids (and ourselves!) to look up and off the screen. While this isn’t always a bad thing – many online activities are also packed with educational content – it does mean that kids are spending more time on individual activities and less time interacting with others.

People skills will be critical to our children’s future success. This is one more reason why we are on a mission to introduce kids to entrepreneurship through play.

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