Kidpreneur of the Month: Meet Lionel

From the moment our Skype call flickered to life, and I peered inside this family's basement, I could tell this playdate would be a fun one.

Lionel, a six-year-old fireball of a kidpreneur from Weatherford, Oklahoma, poked into my field of vision along with mom Kayla, fhis our-year-old brother Mason, and a dad, grandma and a 9-month-old baby brother all popping in and out in the background. It was a Wednesday afternoon and the family was getting ready for church.

The best way I can describe Lionel is a renaissance boy. He loves nature, art and science. His favorite dinosaur is a T-Rex. He spends lots of time outside in the family's working farm, but he also spends lots of time reading. In fact, he reads 100-200 books per month by his mom's calculations. He had already read 600 books this school year alone by November - at which point they stopped counting.

Lionel wants to be an entrepreneur.

He plans to open a restaurant, which he will call "Famous Restaurant," and his brothers will work there. They will serve all their favorite foods, like pizza, grilled cheese, tomato soup, mac & cheese, with an optional side of bacon. They will have a sign outside that will say "NO BROCCOLI".

Food choices aside, we celebrate Lionel's creativity and zest for learning and creating. Congratulations, Lionel, on bring our Kidpreneur of the month!

Name: Lionel
Age: 6
Grade: 1st grade
Hometown: Weatherford, Oklahoma

Reading, playing outside, art, science, dinosaurs

Life goal:
To be an entrepreneur

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