Kidpreneur of the Month: Meet Camryn

Last month, we invited our Board of Kid Advisors to try out our latest prototype for Venture Kits Talent Show (coming very soon!).

This is how I met Camryn: on the other side of a Skype call was a whip-smart girl that finished going through the game's instructions in minutes... Forcing us to re-think whether Talent Show was too easy!

Camryn lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her mom, dad and older brother Ryan, who is 16. Camryn is fully home-schooled by her mom, Rosalyn, who was unsatisfied with local schools and decided to give Camryn the best education she could get - right at home.

Camryn clearly inherited her mom's entrepreneurial spirit, and likes to find her own way of doing things.

Name: Camryn
Age: 11
Hometown: Memphis, TN

Favorite subject:
Geography. I like to learn about places around the world and different landforms. I love maps and globes and love to learn about places I want to travel to someday.

Last creative endeavor:
Slime! I experiment with different colors, glitters, and textures.

Role model:
My mom Rosalyn. I appreciate her and all that she does for our family and I want to be a brave woman like her.

What does it mean to you to be an entrepreneur?
I think it means to be creative and have confidence and believe in yourself. You have to work hard for what's important to you.

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