Kidpreneur of the Month: Meet Riya

Last month, we kicked off our first ever Board of Kid Advisors virtual playdates!

Every week, kids and their parents from across the country got on a Skype call with me and tried out a new Venture Kits prototype. The kids and parents gave me their thoughts, and got a little treat from me in return. (Want to get in on the action this month? Join the Board!)

This is how I came across Riya - a smart, eloquent, funny young lady who joined our Board of Kid Advisors last year. After spending a Saturday morning playing Venture Kits with Riya and her mom, Rekha, I was greatly impressed with this dynamic pair of women. Riya is curious and analytical, a talented communicator, and she wants to be an entrepreneur when she grows up.

I'm proud to introduce Riya, our first ever Kidpreneur of the Month!

Name: Riya
Age: 10
Grade: 5th
Hometown: Redmond, Washington

Favorite subject:

Minecraft, stuffed animals, playing with friends

Extra credit:
Riya helped her mom test an app she was working on. She identified areas of improvement and even documented the results!

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