What, exactly, is an entrepreneur?

It seems like entrepreneurship is everywhere these days. 

I may be biased - after all, I started a company on a mission to democratize entrepreneurship for our kids' generation - but it really seems like the language of entrepreneurship has invaded our social vernacular like never before. And with growing use of the word "entrepreneurship", it's meaning is starting to get distorted. 

For an official definition, the Oxford English Dictionary defines entrepreneur as "a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit." 

In the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley and other technology hubs around the world, entrepreneurs are referred to as "founders", and they are known for starting a type of business (or "startup") that uses technology to grow really, really fast. 

These days, there's all kinds of new types of entrepreneurs. There's "mompreneurs" - moms who start their own business - and "kidpreneurs" (like our Board of Kid Advisors!). There's "intrapreneurs" - company employees who display an entrepreneurial spirit in their jobs. There's even "wantrepreneurs" - people who "wannabe" entrepreneurs but aren't really.

As for me, I take a much bigger view of entrepreneurship. Just as the word itself originates from the french "entreprendre", which means to undertake, I think of entrepreneurship as the spark that creates progress. To me, entrepreneurship is the mechanism by which people with big ideas and a work ethic to match accomplish their goals... And that is how great things get done.

I am inspired by entrepreneurs. I see the world and find evidence of entrepreneurship at every corner: every scientific discovery, every work of art, every invention, every accomplishment, and yes every business venture, starts with an entrepreneur. 

And I believe all kids should get a chance to experience that entrepreneurial spark while they are young enough to not be afraid of it.

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