Venture Kits turn kids 7-13 into instant entrepreneurs and CEO's through hands-on, screens-off play.

Our critically acclaimed activity kits are real businesses in a box. They come with what you need to get started, plus a gamified business plan written by Harvard MBAs and reviewed by schoolteachers.

With Venture Kits, kids develop resilience, problem solving, creativity, communication and people skills. They visualize and experience leadership, exercise safe independence, all while having FUN!



Hi! My name is Leslie Feinzaig. I am the Founder and CEO of Venture Kits.

A year ago I became a mom to baby girl Dora, and this - coupled with the sleep deprivation that ensued - helped crystalize my new mission:  I want Dora, and every other little kid, to experience entrepreneurship. I want her to think that “CEO”, “founder” and “entrepreneur” are as fun a job as ballerina, reality TV star and tooth fairy. I want her to know that it is a viable career path. And, if she chooses this path, I want her to have the skills and experience to make it.

If you're as passionate about this as I am, let's connect! Email me at team@venturekits.com or find me on Twitter @lesliefeinzaig. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, I'm Marguerite. I am the Co-founder and COO of Venture Kits.

I do a lot of work with entrepreneurs, and yet my six-year- old son has no idea what that means. I joined Venture Kits because I want my son to know what it means to be an entrepreneur. I want him to develop the same skills I use for my work everyday – skills like taking initiative, building resiliency, developing great relationships … and good, old-fashioned hard work.

I truly believe that entrepreneurship is a teachable skill, and the best entrepreneurs learn from experience. I love seeing how Venture Kits impacts young entrepreneurs’ sense of confidence, their self-esteem and their desire to go out and try something new.


For press and any other inquiries, email us at team@venturekits.com

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